Welcome to Antiques Marco 


Private showroom open 7/7, only upon appointment.
To arrange an appointment, please call 0032 495 34 83 66


Dear visitor,
Dear customer,

We offer a small selection of antiques on our website. 

Another part of our antique collection is now on display in our private showroom, which can be visited upon appointment.

You are always welcome to visit our collection on one of our antique fairs in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Let us assist you in your search for missing antiques in your collection.


Furthermore, we help you with :

- The purchase of antiques 
- Estimates and valuations for insurance purposes.
- Expertise in household possessions or single objects in the event of a family division, family death, ...
- The purchase of silver and gold objects, old melting gold, jewelry, and coins

Please contact us on 0032 495 34 83 66 or marco.boes@telenet.be to arrange an appointment.
We are able to visit you throughout Belgium.


You will be able to visit us at the following Antique Fairs:


Naarden The Art Fair



Art Breda - April 16 to 24, 2022



Hasselt Antiques and Art Fair






Antica Namur - November 13 to 21, 2021



Slot Zeist



Art Deco 2.0



Brussels Fine Art Fair



Zilverbeurs Laarne